Virtual Productions


Blaze Streaming Media’s identity revolves around live streaming. We have over a decade of experience designing workflows that solve one basic question: How do we share this event with the world?

While the workflows have changed, our purpose has stayed the same. We support a wide range of virtual events from a webinar or meeting, to a multi-day conference with live and pre-recorded keynotes, breakouts, and social interactivity. Blaze offers a team of proven professionals who assist your event with:

Project Management: Our producers work hand-in-hand with you to plan and execute your vision. From determining project scope to designing a technical plan and streaming your event, we guide you through each step of the process.

White Glove Service and Support: Blaze provides the tools and workflows that allow you to bring multiple presenters together from anywhere in the world as part of your event. Presenters are offered multiple levels of support including video walkthroughs, instructional documents, and one-on-one technical sessions. Blaze also offers recording kits as a full solution to presenters’ needs.

Pre-Record & Studio Recording:

  • Self record: Tech savvy presenters can create their own presentation videos and share with us for live playback as part of your event.
  • Self record with support: Blaze producers are available to walk your presenters through the presentation pre-record process.
  • Professionally produced record & edit: Record your video with a Blaze producer, who will then edit the final product.
  • Studio recording: Our Portland studio, now configured for social distancing per CDC guidelines, is available to book in-person recordings. 

Live Stream Production: We incorporate graphics, music, and live or pre-recorded video to create your live stream experience.

Small Meeting and Event Streaming: Blaze will host your remote event live and provide support for your presenters. This includes presenter support, technical rehearsals, and live production.

Multi-Track Live Event Streaming: Host your convention in the virtual world. Blaze offers the ability to scale from 1 – 12 simultaneous live tracks. Bring your entire audience together for a keynote opening and then send them out to a range of live content in breakout rooms.

Interactivity: Blaze can incorporate pre-recorded videos, live talks, live Q&A, chat, and polls.

Custom Streaming and Hosting: Host your event anywhere you want. Use registration tools and analytics to track viewership.

  • YouTube, Vimeo
  • Facebook, Twitch
  • Host directly on your company website
  • Partner with an established platform


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