Keynote Video Production

The keynote presentation sets the tone for your entire event experience. Often delivered by the Founder, Owner, or CEO of the organization, it’s critical to clearly communicate the passion and information being shared during a live presentation—and even more so to capture it in video. Blaze Streaming Media has a long history of producing high-quality Keynote events in real time and online.

For your keynote video production, we are responsible for the end-to-end workflow, securing you the highest-quality video content suitable for a wide range of uses including live stream, on-demand viewing, web and social media uses, and archiving.

Blaze provides the cameras, switching gear, connectivity tools, and our own control area and workstations. Where we differ from the AV vendor is in that we provide the outputs handling the live video stream. The live broadcast of your event gets the bandwidth, embeddable player, maintenance and Internet security it deserves — as well as dedicated direction and production specifically designed to enhance the remote viewing experience.

From on-site, and in real time, we produce the live stream video directly onto the Internet, our most popular delivery being through YouTube.

Often lasting for one to two hours, and taking place in the main ballroom with all guests in attendance — you can now extend the reach of this important event to all employees, clients, or any potential audiences with live stream video.

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