Breakout Session Recording

Presenters and attendees alike—no one can be in two places at once. With breakout meetings, valuable information is shared at concurrent sessions, often key presenters are only available for a limited time, and attendees may miss valuable information. This is where recorded video becomes a significant force multiplier.

We excel at creating complete video content libraries of breakout sessions. Session libraries are a significant benefit for attendees, organization members, employees, and partner organizations—and can even become a source of revenue or sponsorship.

We can easily and quickly scale our agile workflows to fit any breakout room. We handle the entire process, from pre-production planning, to on-site capture, to post-production, to the quick delivery of edited files. We make breakout session recording easy for you by delivering a complete product, and the video content makes it easy to share your presenters’ content, and keep your audience informed.

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