Virtual Productions

The show must go on!

The loss of an event has a significant impact on your business and your community. With Covid-19 (novel coronavirus) forcing events to delay or cancel in-person gatherings, what can we do?

Your answer: A fully virtual show! We offer a range of options to ensure your show goes on.

Fully Virtual: Work with your presenters to give their talks online using Zoom and take the entire event virtual. Add chat, custom graphics, a virtual hosted set, and take your stream to the next level!

Closed Studio Set: Bring your presenters to our studio and present your live stream virtually to the world. Our studio space has been configured to follow CDC guidelines and allow for physical distancing.

Smaller Physical Gathering: Capture your event live in a venue, and include a custom live stream to cater to attendees who can’t attend in person.

With a little technology, it is possible to bring in remote guests to ask questions and participate. The more interactive conversation you can include in your programming the more successful your content. Blaze offers a full range of remote production capability and the experience to tailor a show to your needs.  Download the cut sheet for more info, or give us a call.

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Video Access Pass

We deliver every word, quickly. With a Video Access Pass, Blaze works with you to determine the scope of your conference, and records all aspects of your breakout or keynote presentations. Each room can be streamed live or recorded, and every presentation is edited and uploaded for viewing on your platform or hosted by Blaze for quick and easy access. We turn your live event into a lasting educational experience that allows your viewers to experience the event first hand.

We help you gain revenue and thank sponsors. Content is valuable, and you may want to monetize your videos in a number of ways. Videos can be sold as add-ons to the registration process, or distributed within your community. We can turn around 50 – 650 videos with Video Access Pass very quickly, giving you the option of gathering more revenue, running sponsor pre-rolls, or thanking a sponsor.

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News Desk

We deliver your VIPs to your audience. On-site interviews with influential minds from within your industry can be a powerful tool. Blaze will set up a multi-camera interview set that allows a comfortable setting for influencers to share their opinions and stories. Stream interviews live or turn them into discrete video clips for use in real-time at the event, or as a post-event video asset.

We deliver your brand. The News Desk provides an opportunity to have conversations broadcast at the event or later via Internet delivery, with your branding included. Strengthen your brand by focusing on a specific offer, or share your leadership by creating a more general community discussion with light branding.

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Keynote Video Production

For your keynote video production, we are responsible for the end-to-end workflow, securing you the highest-quality video content suitable for a wide range of uses including live stream, on-demand viewing, web and social media uses, and archiving.


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Breakout Session Recording

We excel at creating complete video content libraries of breakout sessions. Session libraries are a significant benefit for attendees, organization Members, employees, and partner organizations—and can even become a source of revenue or sponsorship.

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Live Video Streaming

We are unique in the industry, focusing exclusively on live video production and Internet broadcasting. Each year Blaze produces hundreds of live broadcasts reaching millions of online viewers. We cover the entire workflow from pre-event testing, to project planning, to bringing your event live to the Internet.

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Getting Started

The start of any project with Blaze Streaming Media begins with a thorough consultation. We want to learn about your event needs, and we’ll help you decide which of our services best meet your goal. We’ll share our insights, suggest best practices along the way, and let you know of opportunities to maximize your product. Together, we may discover opportunities not yet considered.

This initial consultation helps us establish the scope of the event as well as answer any questions you might have related to the logistics and mechanics for pre-production planning.


Once we understand your needs and goals, we develop a workflow and staffing plan that supports your project. We are able to turn around a basic sketch of the project, along with the structure of the engineering needed that will ensure your goals are fully met. As you review the quote, we invite you to ask any questions which allows us to tailor our support to its best effect.



Blaze works with you to establish the theme, tone and look of the video we produce for your event. From graphical elements, to hosting location, to on-site production support, we plan out everything we depend on to produce a successful event.



The actual event. This can involve video production leads, camera operators, directors, and NewsDesk producers. Blaze works in partnership with your AV team that is handling the physical event. We produce your event for the remote audience and monitor it off site at the same time. Blaze participates in chat and works closely with you to monitor how the experience is going for your audience and if anything needs adjustment.



Whew, your event is complete! Now it’s time for the post-production strategy. We take your entire event and put it on the Internet, edited or unedited as predetermined in the initial meetings. We work with you all the way to the point of uploading and cataloging the content in your system or through a Blaze-provided CDN. And finally, we provide your social media team with the links when your content is ready to be shared with your 0n-line audience.



You own your content. We deliver the master files to you.


We Deliver Your Content Online

Posting videos online is only part of the experience. There is a multitude of ways to interact with your community and we provide these tools. What does that look like? We can design an entire landing page that’s simple and contains the various elements or we provide embed codes that go into your website and corresponding with your web team.

How we support the web experience:

Video Player Tools

1 Video Player Tools

Every event we do is viewable on any device, phone, tablet, computer, smart TV — you name it. The video is streamed at multiple qualities so the audience can watch on their phone or at home on broadband Internet. We provide an intelligent, embeddable, unbranded video player. Your media can live on your website where it’s just you, your audience and your content.

Chat and Social Media Interaction

2 Chat and Social Media Interaction

We provide the ability for your audience to chat in real time. You choose the type of interaction, either open to all, or moderated by you.

Social media feeds are powerful because they transcend a single audience. These feeds allow viewers in the physical audience and those at home or on the go to see the same thing. Use an event hashtag on Twitter, have event attendees and remote viewers share that hashtag so they are all united in the conversation. That social media feed will automatically refresh and all audiences are able to enjoy the event either from a chair in a banquet room, or 5,000 miles away — and are thankful that they are valued enough to be included. It’s a very conscientious thing to do on many levels.

Content Access Restriction

3 Content Access Restriction

If your content is not intended for public consumption, it either needs to be behind a paywall where people pay to view the content, or the content is restricted to internal access only. Either with our web team or your web team, we provide the mechanisms to establish the appropriate connections.