Trade Show Associations

What better way is there to share your vendor’s ideas and products with the world than through interviews and videos that feature their ideas? Blaze has deep experience working with trade show associations to add value to their vendor’s offerings. Want to offer your vendors a live promo interview? Done! Want to create a live stream that features the best of your show’s offerings to the world? Let’s do it!

Blaze is an expert at creating a live NewsDesk experience on the floor of your tradeshow. We bring live camera switching, pre-recorded content, and high-quality graphical elements to create a full-scale interview set that we stream to the world.

The addition of a NewsDesk extends the value of a sponsorship package through on-site video creation. This also brings branding opportunities to the association. We frequently work with associations to create sponsorship packages through the creation of live and pre-recorded video.

These interviews can have the feel of a busy news set out on the tradeshow floor, adding an energy and spectacle to the physical event. The finished video product is a powerful marketing tool for the sponsor that is also marketing the event.

The experience of coming on a set and being interviewed is a comfortable way to shine attention on a CEO and other VIPs. Your guest interviewees get the opportunity to share their vision with a far larger audience that extends beyond on-site show attendees. Many associations sell interviews to vendors at a markup, or create a livestream show that features the best your tradeshow has to offer. We’re here to make it happen!