Master Control Room Production

Blaze has developed a remote viewing workflow that allows our clients to monitor their show from their central Control Room. With 30 security cameras connected via VLAN, this gives you the ability to track the attendance, security, and real time activity at your show.  


  1. Multiple stations/work rooms can receive camera feeds.  User friendly 
  2. Multiple cameras on one screen, enlarge a camera, etc.  
  3. Audio as well (not great, but present)
  4. Recording 
  5. Off Property monitoring possible
  6. Mobile app monitoring possible

Use and Value:

  1. Visualize the flow of people and pinch points: How busy are the sessions?  How busy is expo hall? How are the lines at registration?  What about flow for lunch?
  2. Reduce time on feet for event staff
  3. Setup a command room with representatives from all event departments
    1. Client
    2. AV
    3. Catering 
    4. Custodial
    5. Public Safety
  4. Look cool and important
  5. Cost: Very affordable.  The setup can be operated remotely with an onsite hand provided.  This would reduce our budget and travel expense.  

Please reach out if you foresee an upcoming project where this would be in need.