Teradek – Live Talk Show

An industry trade show is all about connecting with the people who walk into your booth, but there’s an even bigger audience waiting online. We helped Teradek bridge physical and online audiences through an innovative strategy: a live talk show.

Partnered with Teradek, we built a full multi-camera live talk show set for their trade show booth. Teradek interviews guests from industry-leading independent blogs and trade publications, and Blaze Streaming Media produces and broadcasts those conversations live to the internet. These interviews sometimes offer the online audience a first look at new products being rolled out at the event.

Together, we created compelling content shared in real time with a global audience. This strategy was so successful that in 2013 we traveled with this production to Las Vegas, Amsterdam, and Tokyo.

Producing content in your expo booth creates value for your brand in a number of ways: social media sharing breeds a larger audience, inviting industry peers for interviews creates relationships, and you’re seen as the one “bringing us all together.”

We partner with businesses to help them realize their short- and long-term goals. Teradek had a vision for their booth to be a launching point for conversation, and Blaze Streaming Media helped them achieve that goal.

  • WFTDA – Roller Derby Sports Broadcasting

  • O’Reilly Media – Technical Conferences